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CHECK THIS OUT: Go Glamping At This Mirror Cabin

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The latest design by Québec-based Bourgeois / Lechasseur architects aims to let visitors relax in the natural world while leaving a small architecture footprint, a report said.

Reflection comprises two cabins with space for up to six guests in the main living space with a fireplace, two enclosed bedrooms, a bathroom, and an outdoor spa.

The exteriors of every cabin are covered by dark wooden panels on all three sides, giving the appearance of being submerged into the woods. The fourth aspect of every cabin has a fully-glazed exterior that allows sunlight into the area and provides views of the surroundings.

The location is close to the famous ski resort Massif Petite-Riviere-Saint-Francois. The flat area is accessible through an unpaved road that connects to hiking trails.

Each cabin is comprised of two modules which were built off-site. This resulted in the least impact on the site and created difficulties in establishing mechanical connections between modules once they arrived on-site.

The huge mirrored facades required special treatment when they were constructed. They were also built with animals in mind. To protect birds from injury from collision with windows, the client and team decided to use an approved product by the well-known Audubon Society. Putting bird-deterrent window marks on the outside of glass windows protects the animals without obstructing the people’s view.

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