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Changes Coming To Claybanks RV Park Rates

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A slight increase to the rates of the municipally-owned Claybanks RV Park in Merritt, British Columbia, was recently accepted by the council, a report said.

Director for Recreation and Facilities Sky McKeown announced the rate change that would have full hookup costs rise from $33 to $35 during the summer and from $31 to $33 during the winter months.

Weekly rates for full hookups will be $220 all year. All changes are expected by the end of November of 2021.

“Research indicates that in order to ensure a competitive and fair market return on the investment made by City of Merritt taxpayers, it is necessary to amend the City of Merritt Fees and Charges Bylaw,” said McKeown.

The price hike would bring the Park in line with these other facilities.

The biggest increase is seen from the low-season monthly rates, with the increase being 30%, from $750+ hydro to $900 + hydro. McKeown, however, claimed that there has not been an increase in fees in the monthly low season rates in several years.

City Council was all in support of the rate increase. However, Councilor Mike Bhangu opposed the change.

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