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Canadian Travelers Hit The Road In Search For Warmer Temperatures

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The majority of Canadians are eager to get out on the road for a warmer climate despite the obligatory swabs tests, a report said.

Travelers must be fully immunized before crossing the border, and those entering Canada should present a negative PCR test. It could cost anywhere from CA$150 to CA$300.

There is growing pressure from both ends of the border to abolish the PCR test requirement, which must be conducted within 72 hours of arriving at the Canadian border crossing.

The report mentioned Kim Tompkins and her husband who were getting ready to temporarily vacate their house in Coldwater, Ontario, to head south where they could enjoy the sun after the U.S.-Canadian border reopened to land travelers.

“Being able to go to the beach in January, February, and March is well worth the $150 each U.S. that it cost us to get a PCR test,” she said.

Tompkins said they shipped their rig across the border in desperate need of a break from the harsh Canadian winter last year and then took a chopper to the opposite side.

“We just want to be where it’s warm,” she explained.

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