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Canadian Snowbirds Question Why Border Still Closed, Prepare To Ship RVs

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While the United States land border closure for non-essential travel continues, patience is wearing thin for some fully-vaccinated Canadian snowbirds who reside in their RVs all year round, a report said.

This is because if the U.S. side of the border is still closed for the rest of the month, the snowbirds could be paying hefty sums to travel to the U.S. and transport their RVs.

“It’s ridiculous,” said Laura Fordham, who lives in an RV with Fred, her spouse.

“It just does not make sense why they would let people fly but not let people drive.”

The U.S has extended its closure of the land border to at least October 21. If the deadline is extended until November, Fordham stated that they would be paying about $700 for a commercial driver to move their vehicle across the Michigan border.

While Canadian travelers cannot traverse the land border, there are no limitations on importing their vehicles to the U.S.

Fordham is skeptical of the logic of the rules in place today. The travel rules state that Canadian travelers can fly into Canada and the U.S. but not drive. Fordham believes that using an RV is a safer method to cross the border rather than passing in the event of an outbreak.

“If we have our motor home, we’re just the two of us,” she said. “You’re not in crowds.”

Based on the Canadian Snowbird Association, more than one million snowbirds travel to the south in an average year, and they travel in their cars.

If the closure of the border persists, many snowbirds are likely to stay in their homes. This poses a challenge for those who need to endure the Canadian winter inside their vehicle or find a temporary home.

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