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TORONTO, ON – [October 3, 2019], A group of Canadian outdoor industry leaders announced today the formation of the Canadian Outdoor Recreation Roundtable (CORR) to provide a strong voice for outdoor use across Canada. CORR will unite a wide range of Canada’s leading industry stakeholders behind policies and legislative reforms needed to grow the outdoor economy, promote and expand outdoor opportunities, reasonably and responsibly conserve public lands and waterways, and enhance infrastructure to improve the experience of outdoor users from coast to coast.

“Protecting, promoting and enhancing recreational experiences on Canada’s public lands and waterways are the core values for those of us who work in the outdoor recreation industry,” said Sara Anghel, president of the National Marine Manufacturers Association Canada.

“Outdoor recreation continues to rise in popularity and diversity, and it is important that we continue to support this industry and ensure Canadians can get outdoors and enjoy their favourite pastimes,” noted Dennis Burns, executive director of the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations.

“Building on the solidarity of the outdoor recreation industry, CORR will foster cooperation and help bring partners together in order to grow outdoor opportunities.  It will strengthen the coordination of industry partners and formalizes the desire to work together to make outdoor recreation activities an important issue during the next federal election campaign,” said Bob Ramsay, President of COHV & MMIC.

CORR members represent thousands of businesses that produce vehicles, equipment, gear, apparel and services for the millions of Canadians who enjoy our national parks, waterways, byways, trails and outdoor spaces.  The collective outdoor recreation industry is conservatively estimated to produce $24.6 billion in economic activity for Canada each year, generating an estimated 472,713 direct jobs, $7.1 billion in taxes and $52.1 billion in total revenues.

“The outdoor recreation industry in Canada is a major economic driver providing billions of dollars per year for the Canadian economy, along with hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in total revenues,” said Eleonore Hamm. President of the RV Dealers Association of Canada.

Outdoor recreation provides high-quality Canadian jobs in industries ranging from manufacturing to retail to tourism. These jobs can be found from coast to coast and play a critical role in the economic health of local and provincial/territorial economies.

The Canadian Outdoor Recreation Roundtable strives to achieve the following:

Trade associations include (please note this is not the entire recreation industry and membership will continue to expand):

For more information on members please CLICK HERE

For more information please contact Sara Anghel, President, National Marine Manufacturers Association Canada at 905-951-4048 or sanghel@nmma.org.