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Canada’s Top Doctor Says Severe COVID-19 Illness Trends Still Rising in Most Regions

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Earlier this week, Theresa Tam, Canada’s top doctor, said that though the average daily COVID-19 case across the country is down to 30% compared to an earlier week, it’s not an accurate depiction of the state of the pandemic.

Tam said targeted testing guidelines and a reduction in tests continue to underestimate the number of illnesses, noting that severe illnesses continue to rise in many jurisdictions, and hospitalizations are growing across all age groups.

Quebec announced that it would start monitoring COVID-19’s rapid test results via an online portal. However, experts are skeptical about its utility and the validity of the information.

Health minister Christian Dube said the government-run platform would assist Quebec to improve the tracking of COVID-19 transmission within the community, considering that testing for PCR that is available to the public is reserved for those who belong to high-risk groups.

COVID-19 infections fueled by the highly transmissible omicron variant continue to overwhelm hospitals, with the New Brunswick health minister stating that most patients in emergency rooms could be treated without hospitalization.

Alberta has recently recorded its second-highest rate of COVID-19 hospitalizations with 1,418, one day after an overall record of 1,443.

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