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CampON Gets More Downloads as Camping Season Begins

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Designed for campers to find campgrounds, CampON, the consumer mobile application of Camping in Ontario in collaboration with App My Community, has just surpassed 27,000 downloads, as per Rose Duemig, co-founder of the mobile app development company.

The app, which was released the first weekend of August 2020, has garnered many installs, and downloads keep coming as Canada welcomes another camping season this year.

Through CampON, essential pieces of information are all at the fingertips of the users. They no longer have to rummage through multiple search results on Google to find some details about a particular campground in the Canadian province. A one-stop app for campers, the mobile application also allows users to call campgrounds directly through the app.

Campers on the road can use the mobile application to find the nearest campground. Choices are aplenty with over 350 private campgrounds listed—all members of the Ontario Private Campground Association (OPCA).

With more people on the road only carrying their mobile phones with them, convenience is a factor that constantly gets sought after.

“Everyone is looking for—especially with your new campers or the way things are changing—the convenience factor,” Duemig told Modern Campground.

Contrary to some beliefs, technology such as camping applications do not affect the customer service experience, said Duemig.

“Well, it actually works the other way because your staff isn’t busy answering the phone, answering the same question over and over about some of the basic amenities. They’re actually able to focus their time on other ways to help the guest experience and be more proactive,” she said.

She also added that campers feel more comfortable and in control through the information readily available at the tip of their fingers.

Moreover, what sets having the mobile application apart from just having a web listing is getting to send push notifications. Park operators with upgraded listings can utilize the feature to disseminate real-time information swiftly.

In fact, during the recent long weekend in Canada, those with the full app were able to send push notifications, keeping people up to date with water and electrical interruptions. Some even sent some notifications as to what to do in case of a storm, Duemig shared.

Technology and the older demographic in the camping industry

As the camping industry continues to incorporate technology, those belonging to the older demographics are not lagging behind.

“We love to say that the numbers say otherwise; our older demographics of campers have really embraced having an app because they like to be in the know. And so we make it very user-friendly and easy to navigate. [T]hey like those push notifications,” she said.

For campground owners, camping apps such as CampON help reach out to prospective customers year-round and in real-time. It is also a great way to keep campers informed through real-time communication.

“I can send a message in February during the off-season, letting my guests know what we’ve been working on. And the morning that reservations open, they’re getting a push notification with the phone number or with the link. And so that way they can get in and book early,” she said.

Coming into the next season, Duemig is optimistic that downloads and usability of CampON will be boosted as more campgrounds upgrade to the full app experience. “And so it’s pacing,” she said, adding that analytics suggest a good sign, with numbers being right on par with the same period last year.

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