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Campground On Semiahmoo First Nation Land Closing

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The Royal Canadian Legion has terminated a lease on land located on Semiahmoo First Nation property, which was used as a campground for many decades, a report said.

A letter dated Aug. 23 to the New Westminster Legion War Memorial Campground’s trailer owners stated that the band was also asking for payment for utility upgrades and lease payments for periods when campers were not allowed to access the Campground.

The campground is located at 16327 Beach Rd. The campground is open six months a year. However, normal operations have not been resumed since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Judy Hakes stated that the initial news of the termination of her lease included the announcement that she and other campers would be given a time slot on a Saturday in September to take down their trailers and other structures as well as to remediate the land. She said that they could not bring a helper to the site without an appointment.

Hakes, who owns a camper trailer for 18 years, stated that the terms and short notice were “pretty unfair” especially considering the fact that many seniors are using the campground.

She said, “It’s very, extremely heartbreaking how this is being dealt with.”

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