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British Columbia Village Now Allowing People To Live In RVs For Up To 4 Years

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The village council has granted permission to people who live in recreational vehicles in Valemount, British Columbia’s central Interior mountain community.

The new policy allows RVs and portable buildings to become residences for up to four years. Temporary housing structures cannot be placed on residential lots outside the village boundaries. Only one structure per lot is permitted, a report said.

The report mentioned that the decision was taken to provide shelter for people in a housing crisis, the mayor explained.

According to the 2016 census, there are approximately 1,000 people living in the village. Before the influx of Trans Mountain pipeline workers arrived looking for homes to rent, rental properties were scarce.

The report also stated that Mayor Torgerson said that village vacancy rates were very low, and they had almost zero before these larger industrial projects and that no matter if you work in the industry or in tourism, you will need a bed and a roof.

According to a staff report, the policy will also ensure that temporary structures are compliant with the standards required to be connected to water, sewage, and electricity in villages.

A temporary permit for RV owners will set you back $650. This permit can be granted for up to one year. The applicant will have to apply for a permit again each year for a maximum of four years, the report added.

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