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British Columbia Company Launches New Design of Boler-Style Trailer

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Demand is high for Armstrong, British Columbia-based Armadillo Trailers. The business is currently trying to handle a year-long order backlog, and when business is good, the best option is to grow.

That’s exactly what Mike and Jason Ong did. The Ong brothers told a local report that they have spent the past year improving their facility.

Photo courtesy of Armadillo Trailers

In addition to the new production facility, Jong mentions another aspect that’s brand new—their Backpack model trailer. The latest model is a bit boxier than the first and is half a foot longer.

The rig provides several more choices regarding floor plans. One of these options is a washroom.

The fans of the iconic Boler fiberglass trailers (manufactured in Canada from 1968 until1988) can recognize Armadillo’s initial model since it’s constructed using one of Boler’s molds.

Photo courtesy of Armadillo Trailers

Larry Smith developed the mold for Armadillo’s Backpack model, which he initially made for a company he used to own.

Jong recounts that when Smith created the mold, he fell ill and was forced to give up his business. The mold was brought to Armadillo, and the brothers were told that they should bring it to life.

Just before Smith’s passing, he was able to see the final product.

Today, Armadillo Trailers aims to develop a bigger model to ensure that families with three or more kids are capable of sleeping comfortably in it.

The company offers direct sales at the moment. For more information, visit their website here.

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