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Boat Lake At Alberta City Park To Be Temporarily Emptied

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The temporary emptying will be due to planned irrigation work, maintenance, and upgrades between multiple projects. It will start on Wednesday, a report said.

A city release stated that repairs and upgrades to the existing water treatment plant would ensure long-term quality in recreational swimming and non-motorized boating.

The expansion of the existing irrigation system will allow for additional trees to grow in the east park, towards the existing group campground in spring 2022.

According to the city, the lake for boating will be filled in October and restocked in 2022 with rainbow trout.

The water treatment plant upgrades and the reforestation project are part of the 2021 Stimulus Projects. The federal government will fund $240,000 for the water treatment project and $320,000 for the park improvements and the reforestation projects.

Construction of 2021 Stimulus Projects should begin no later than September 30, and must be completed by the end the year.

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