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Bear “Destroyed” As Sightings Continue In B.C Town

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A bear was “destroyed” on the 15th of September according to conservation official Alex Desjardins, in what is described as an active fall for bears to come to town.

According to a report, the bear located close to the municipal campground was destroyed because of “inaction”. Desjardins added that it’s those who aren’t careful in their waste that are taking bears into areas inhabited by humans.

“The main issue is garbage. The vast majority of Golden residents are great at clipping and securing their bins. Still, a small percentage leave their garbage un-clipped, which habituates and conditions the bear,” the official said.

“Destruction” of wildlife typically results from a bear’s behavior that goes too far into the matrix, and it becomes more aggressive, causing conflicts between humans and nature.

Translocation isn’t an option, especially at this time of the year because the bear could struggle to establish an area to build a den before winter, or maybe preyed by an enormous bear, or the other.

Desjardins states that it’s crucial to restrict their attraction to stop further destruction of wildlife. This is something he finds a struggle, and it never gets easier.

Desjardins states that there are two bears and possibly as many as five in the area. He also says that activity from bears in town has increased during the last week or the last ten days.

Those who do not take the proper steps to safeguard their garbage will be fined. Fines begin at more than $250 for a single offense and a court appearance for a subsequent violation.

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