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B.C Residents, Village Council “Surprised” By Decision To Close Nearby Campground For Winter

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Residents of Gold River were unhappy to hear that the Muchalat Lake Recreation Site would be closing for the October season, a report said.

Locals often use the site in the shoulder season, located 23 minutes north of Gold River. After the Labor Day weekend, there is no camping fee. Many people spend their cooler fall weekends at the lake. The site is usually open all year, but it will close on October 4th at noon.

The closure was originally scheduled to take place on Sept. 7. However, Gold River residents contacted Graham Cameron, the district recreation officer, and asked him to reconsider. The closing date was changed to October 4.

Brad Unger, Gold River Mayor, stated that his staff had spoken with Cameron. Unger explained that his CAO spoke to Cameron briefly on Friday and “it’s for continued damage and mistreatment of property.”

“He cannot afford to continue re-fixing everything every spring, ” he added.

The Village of Gold River met on Sept. 7, to discuss the closure. They voted to write a letter asking the province to keep the site open throughout the winter and to start a consultation with residents and the village of Gold River.

Unger stated that he had written a letter asking Unger to communicate with the local government and residents regarding the closure. It was difficult to believe they would close the facility without any communication.

Unger said, “Gold River is a tight-knit community. The lake is 15 km away from town.” “We have residents who use the site year-round and haven’t seen any major damage.” We are trying to find out the cause.

The village requested that the site be kept open during winter and that communication between the residents of the village and the province begin.

Unger stated that the council is asking for looking at the comments from the users of the site.

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