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B.C. City To Amend RV Bylaws

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British Columbia’s Vernon city council approved the motion to ask administration to amend Traffic Bylaw #5600 prohibiting recreational vehicles (RVs) from using municipal roads, a report said.

Coun. Brian Quiring brought this topic as a notice of motion at their most recent council meeting. He opposes RV’s deploying their jacks and slides on the city’s roads.

“I have been monitoring the situation regarding numerous recreational vehicles camping along 25th Avenue, generally west of 43rd Street. This situation has been occurring for at least one year, and the number of recreational vehicles appears to be increasing,” said Quiring.

“The vehicles include older Class C and Class A motorhomes, recently a large fifth wheel and an assortment of smaller vehicles being used for overnight camping.”

Quiring said he’s had complaints from businesses regarding recreational vehicles blocking access to their business, as well as campers who use the boulevard as a bathroom.

The official also stated that the modification to Bylaw #5600 doesn’t prohibit individuals from sleeping in an RV along an urban road.

The amendment prevents individuals from setting up their RVs as campsites with extension cords, generators, plywood, setting up their slides, and installing their Jacks.

“For people that accused me of being insensitive because there may be homeless people that don’t have another option,” said Quiring.

“If that’s the case and someone has to live in their RV, and some of those RV’s are not worth living in, if that’s the case and somebody has been in there for a year, then that person needs some assistance, and it’s our job to make sure that person gets some assistance.”

Quiring mentioned that he’s seen certain RVs deploying slides that go into the right-of-way of the road.

“Current city bylaws prohibit extended parking in one location and require operators to regularly move their vehicles,” said Quiring.

“It is also a concern regarding the apparent roadworthiness of some of the recreational vehicles parked in the area and that potentially unsafe vehicles are traveling on city roads, placing others at risk.”

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