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B.C. Beach Provincial Park To Receive $100K For Infrastructure Upgrades

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British Columbia‘s Miracle Beach Provincial Park is set to receive $100,000 for infrastructure upgrades, a report said.

This will include initiatives to improve its accessibility and the addition of a bicycle flow track.  The system will be a tiny single-track trail open to people of alleges and abilities, said Ministry of Environment Public Affairs Officer David Karn.

The project will be part of the $21.5 million that BC Parks will be investing over the next three years to increase outdoor recreation opportunities, including new campsites, trails, and upgrades to facilities.

In an October 4 announcement, BC Parks listed ten parks receiving improvements under the program but stated that additional projects would also be added to the list.

“This year has been another exceptionally busy season for BC Parks with more people than ever seeking the benefits to their health and well-being that nature and open spaces provide,” said George Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy.

The project at Miracle Beach will enhance the accessibility of the multi-use trails in the park by connecting the day-use area to the campground.  This work will build on recent work done in the day-use area.

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