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B.C. Acquires Land for CA$11.2M, Adds Camping, Outdoor Rec Opportunities

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On Tuesday, the province of British Columbia (Canada) made public its CA$11.2 million deal to purchase a waterfront property along the famous and stunning Tribune Bay, according to a report.

The province has bought two properties totaling 9.6 hectares (23.7 acres) which will add to the existing 95-hectare (235 acres) park that is famous for its distinctive rock formations as well as its sprawling white beach, and the warm shallow bay. 

The purchase will link Tribune Bay Provincial Park to the 135-site Tribune Bay Campground with this development of forest land and beachfront.

“Tribune Bay Provincial Park is a jewel in our province, making it a popular destination for people to visit and connect with nature,” said George Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy. 

“Acquiring this land ensures the ecological and recreation values that make the park special are preserved for our children and grandchildren.”

Initial plans for the newly-acquired site include walk-in camping spots that focus on active transportation such as cycling tours, hiking, and kayak tours.

The plans for the coming years will be developed through consultations and discussions with First Nations and stakeholders.

It will focus on subjects like ecological health, including the seasonal water shortage, offering inclusive and family-friendly opportunities for outdoor recreation, respect for the history on the island which includes indigenous history and contribution to sustainable tourism, and opportunities for economic development for the island, whilst still respecting the impact on community and transportation.

“Camping is more popular than ever, which is why we are expanding opportunities for people to get outside and enjoy the outdoors,” said Parliamentary Secretary for Environment Kelly Greene.

“These acquisitions will help support diverse recreation opportunities and family-friendly camping in the area, and ensure British Columbians have access to public camping on Hornby Island.”

Through the purchase of private property, the province frequently adds lands to the parks and protected areas system that is among the biggest and most diverse parks systems in the world.

“Tribune Bay Provincial Park is a special place for locals and visitors to Hornby Island,” said Josie Osborne, MLA for Mid Island-Pacific Rim.

“It’s a great draw for visitors that supports the local economy and is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon.”

British Columbia has 1,036 provincial parks, conservancies, recreation areas, protected areas, and ecological reserves that cover more than 14 million hectares (35 million acres) or roughly 14.4 percent of the land base.

Over the past three years, BC Parks acquired 1,144 hectares (2,867 acres) of land to develop province-wide parks as well as protected zones.

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