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Alberta Campground Ruling Expected Early October

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Alberta’s Mountain View county’s subdivision and development appeal board (SDAB) has considered an appeal to the earlier decision that approved five additional campsites at the current 20-site campground located at Forest Height’s Golf and County Club northeast of Sundre.

The hearing was held in person, and via Zoom on Sept. 23, a report said.

The development permit issued for the five additional locations was approved by the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) on August 5.

In a letter to the board, appellant Douglas McCullough and appellant agent Frank Greif outlined 13 grounds of appeal.

During the court hearing, Greif reaffirmed the appeal and stated that he had many other concerns, including the effect of having more visitors to the site in case of emergency evacuation and the impact of the expansion on the cemetery nearby.

The applicant David Bach made a written argument for the Board. He stated that Alberta Energy Regulator and the MDP looked at various aspects when they granted the initial approval. This includes the RV park’s size and the number of golfers,  the number of overnight facilities and the number of visitors to the golf course, the proximity of the gas pipeline to the RV park, the number of peak days through the summer, the number of people at one time on the quarter section, transportation for evacuation, the evacuation plan, and the support from the pipeline’s owner.

The applicant claimed that the expansion is in line with the structure plan for the area.

The application was submitted within the guidelines of the notice of decision as well as the re-application period. The RV park, including the expansion plan, will also block at least 100 ft. from the cemetery boundary.

A decision by the SDAB is expected in early October.

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