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“Aggressive” Patrons “Bullying” Staff, Ontario Municipality Rec. Facilities Consider Hiring Security Guards

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Canada’s North Huron municipality Chief Administrative Officer Dwayne Evans is looking at ways to reduce stress and enhance the safety of staff members, a report said.

“Aggressive” patrons who are allegedly bullying staff members who are required to request proof of vaccination are not accepted at North Huron recreational facilities, said Evans.

Evans reported this before the town council on September 20th, describing how the township is prepared to handle those who prefer to yell at and criticize the employees who are working and following the guidelines laid out by the Ontario government.

“It is expected patrons denied access to the township’s recreation facilities will be upset,” Evans said in his report. 

“Staff are investigating possible options to address controlled entry to recreation facilities, including the hiring of a security company temporarily to screen patrons.”

If hiring security guards is needed, the township can use COVID-19 funds sourced from the province to offset the cost.

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