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Advocate Helps Displaced B.C City RV Park Tenants

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A lawyer who specializes in the tenancy of RV parks has helped reach a deal in a well-known Penticton controversy over redevelopment, a report said.

Paul Lagace, who serves as the coordinator and advocate for poverty law at the Prince Rupert Unemployed Action Centre, said that the settlement was for eight long-term residents of the defunct Riverside RV Park on Wylie Street in Penticton, British Columbia.

Based in Surrey, Azura Management purchased the 28-stall camping area and 17-unit Ogopogo Motel earlier this year. On June 22nd, the company issued tenants a notice that they were required to vacate before July 31.

Azura had the notion that it was operating within the B.C. Hotel Keepers Act, which is non-existent on evictions except allowing the immediate removal of guests who cause disturbances.

However, the situation reached the B.C. administration’s Residential Tenancy Branch. The branch decided Ogopogo Motel guests are covered by the Residential Tenancy Act, which requires a notice period of four months for renovictions.

Meanwhile, the campsite is covered under the Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Action that requires a 12-month notice and $20,000 in compensation per unit.

Azura President Ewen Stewart managed to negotiate an agreement with motel tenants – the last of whom will be evicted at September’s end.

He also collaborated with Lagace in negotiating settlements with the remaining tenants of the RV park, thus getting rid of the requirement for hearings before the Residential Tenancy Branch.

The terms of the settlements have not been released, but the campers have agreed to move out before November. 30.

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