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RV Industry Bubble Ready to Burst?

In 2021, the North American RV industry produced 600,000 trailers and campers, an all-time record. It was partially fueled by the pandemic leaving people wanting open spaces amid few vacation options. However, as COVID restrictions pass, gas prices soar, and borrowing costs higher than ever, long-haul RV trips may suddenly be lower on the priority […]

Greater Toronto Area Gas Prices Falls to Lowest in Months

The Greater Toronto Area’s (GTA) gas prices have fallen significantly, which have not been seen in months following a 12-cent drop last Thursday at midnight. The average price of a liter of gas now stands at CA$1.79 in most stations, the lowest it has been since mid-April. Indications suggest it may have fallen even further […]

RBC Predicts Canada to Head into Recession in 2023

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is the first of Canada’s major banks to predict that the country will fall into a recession next year amid four-decade high inflation, historic labor shortages, and aggressive interest-rate hikes. In a new set of projections released on Thursday, Canada’s largest bank said it expects back-to-back quarters of negative growth […]