Alberta Municipality Tourism Recovering Slowly

According to a report, the tourism industry of Alberta’s Jasper municipality has shown signs of recovery and resilience in the battle against the pandemic. Significant numbers of visitors and occupancy show the improvement. The number of visitors decreased by 200,000 from 2019’s 1.7 million to 1.5 million this year. However, that is only for the […]

Accessibility Fund Grant For Ontario Businesses Approved

Seven businesses in South Algonquin (Ontario) have been approved for Enabling Accessibility Fund grants, a report said. Angela Pollak, the South Algonquin Business Alliance (SABA) secretary and the owner of Four Corners Algonquin—which provides camping, glamping, and tiny-house accommodations—shared the information with local news. The sum is close to $500,000 (CAD) to fund projects that […]