Canadian Camping and RV Council

The Canadian Camping and RV Council (CCRVC) is the national advocacy voice for Private Campground Owners Associations and their campground members across Canada.


Canadian Camping and RV Council’s mission is to provide for the betterment and to support the Canadian RVing and Camping Industry in Canada.


Canadian Camping and RV Council promotes a thriving and vibrant Camping and RV industry through collaboration with our Provincial Members, Individual Private Campground Owners and our RV Industry Partners.

Some of CCRVC’s current priorities include:

  • Canadian RVing and Camping Week scheduled for the week of May 21st – 26th, 2019. The week will promote and celebrate what Canadian Camping has to offer. Make sure that your Campground joins your fellow members and participates in 2019!
  • The need for CCRVC’s role as an advocate on behalf of our sector at the Federal level is clear. CCRVC continues to collaborate with Provincial Campground Associations across the country to determine their issues of concerns.
  • CCRVC’s participation along with the RVDA of Canada in the Canadian RV and Camping Industry Lobby Day on May 2nd, 2019. The opportunity to meet with MPs on Parliament Hill to express your concerns annually is invaluable to our campgrounds.
  • To utilize and benefit from the information gathered from the 2015 Economic Impact Study. The study supports CCRVC advocacy initiatives and is a very useful tool for campground owners to better understand their own sectors, conduct negotiations with financial institutions and communicate more effectively with their municipalities.
  • CCRVC continues to develop an up-to-date Database of the Canadian Camping Sector including the number of campgrounds, number of campsites, types of campsites and rates.
  • Work closely with the RVDA of Canada, Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association and Go RVing Canada to keep up to date on trends, the industry and opportunities for campgrounds throughout Canada.

The Canadian Camping and RV Council is the unified voice for private campgrounds and works along with the other Industry partners to assist your business achieve its goals!